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Who we Are

Active-basics.....bringing better back to basics!

Active Basics is an online retailer of women's active and casual apparel. Our mission is to promote active, healthy lifestyles by providing affordable, active, casual and basic clothing. Our goal is to bring styles that help build confidence while on the journey to a healthier, active lifestyle. In addition to our active wear, we offer a variety of basic essentials for everyday wear, that can be dressed up or down. From hoodies, dresses & leggings to tank tops, tee shirts and shoes! Our company was created to make shopping for your fitness and basic clothing needs easy, fast and simple, but most of all affordable. We strive to set the trend and not follow it. Here at Active-Basics, basic doesn't mean boring, it means better and that's what we aim to do-bring better back to basics!

Plain Black T-Shirt


At Active-Basics, we are dedicated to promoting self-confidence and healthy lifestyles through the clothes we provide. Our goal is to make sure that everyone who wears our clothes feels confident and comfortable in their own skin. We believe that feeling good about yourself is the key to leading an active and healthy lifestyle, and we want to help you achieve that. 


At Active-Basics, our vision is simple: to promote active and healthy lifestyles by providing quality, affordable, stylish basic clothing. Basic doesn't mean boring, it means better! and that's what we aim to do........ bring better back to basics!

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